Corona Pandemic & Mental Health Issues

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Corona Pandemic & Mental Health Issues

Corona Pandemic & Mental Health Issues

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a calamity of unique nature, unprecedented in the history. The battle against this virus is going to be the most serious global, national and individual struggle which humanity has to confront. But the question which one asks oneself time and again, is how much to endure and for how long. Though the lockdown is saving lives but it’s like riding the tiger – it’s almost impossible to dismount. It’s full of crisis, full of ambiguity and uncertainty.


Seemingly unending duration of the lockdowns, leading to confinement to the four walls of the house have led to a lot of stress and negative emotions. For the elderlies and senior citizens living alone, complete confinement has led to an increased incidence of depressive ailments. Job insecurities, job losses and salary cuts have translated into a lot of emotional trauma and an insecure future. If we look at daily-wage earners, the thoughts of procuring two square meals must be overwhelming, leading to unrest, insecurity and increased domestic violence.


For cancer patients and those with severe medical issues, inability to access healthcare facilities and handling emergencies owing to travel restraints have raised the anxiety levels of family members. For school children indefinite postponement of their academic schedules can be of great concern.


But one positive side effect of COVID-19 is the emergence of black humour, which reflects the unique human ability and survival instinct of mankind to laugh in the dark times. Appreciating a bigger picture of this confinement, an individual can look at the silver lining.  If we look around, we can see a whole lot of change in the entire urban landscape. One can visibly appreciate nature adorned immaculately in it’s various colours. The Yamuna and the Ganges look cleaner, attracting their original flora and fauna.  The animals around must have been experiencing a great sense of respite due to non-interference by humans. We as individuals can also perceptibly feel the morning freshness. 


The other positive impact of the lockdown can be in terms of unwinding from the daily grind of a hectic schedule, completing the unfinished work and spending quality time with family members. One can engage oneself with activities whish infuse joy such as reading, writing, painting and music etc. Though life today  has definitely slowed down, it  certainly is for our betterment. 


Remember Ghalib’s poetry 

गुजर जाएगा ये दौर भी ज़रा इत्मीनान तो रख
जब ख़ुशी ही ना ठहरी तो ग़म की क्या औकात है।


So, nothing in life is permanent.  No matter how bad the situation may be, it will change. One should never let a good crisis go a waste. Let’s remain positive and have constructive thoughts to make the best use of time. 


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